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National Landscape Forum 2016

Booking form and draft programme now available

Download the booking form and draft programme here: Landscape Forum 2016 BookingForm

National Landscape Forum 2016 at UCC - 9th and 10th June

National Landscape Forum 2016 at UCC - 9th and 10th June

Making Good Decisions about Landscape


The year’s forum is hosted jointly by the UCC Centre for Planning Education & Research and Landscape Alliance Ireland.  It will explore how we as a society can in the best interests of the common good improve decision-making with regard to our shared landscape. It aims to find effective ways of converting the aspirations of the National Landscape Strategy into action where it matters: in the living place and space where natural processes and human activities interact to shape our place, our environment: our landscape.

Landscape embraces all sectors of society.  Yet, on a day-to-day basis, important decisions about the character of our settlements, countryside, uplands, coasts and water bodies are being made through statutory processes that are poorly understood. Even though these decisions (such as zoning, planning permissions, licensing, designations, spatial policy, infrastructural priorities, construction or conservation) are made in the name of the common good, the political, legal or economic forces of the day invariably take precedence, while the voice for people and place struggles to be heard.  

Contributions are invited from people who wish to addrress either the workshop sessions or the plenary forum itself. As the forum aim is to provide a platform for all, formal contributions will be short ones; limited to either 5, 10 or 15 minutes. Proposals for contributions can be made on the Landscape Forum 2016 BookingForm or directly to one of the organisers or


* This year the Forum is fully recognised for two full days of structured CPD by both the Irish Planning Institute and the Irish Landscape Institute*


The event will have three elements: Workshops and Study Trips (both held on Thursday 9th June) and the Plenary Forum itself (on Friday 10th June). 



There will be up to five workshops on the Thursday morning 9th June:

A’ – Landscape: Policy-making in the Development Plan

‘B’ – Landscape in the Design and Approval of projects

‘C’ – Landscape arguments in Planning Appeals and Participation processes

‘D’ – Landscape: challenges for Disciplines Working Together

 ‘E’ – Informal landscape change: Serendipity or Confusion?

Each workshop will be asked to consider & recommend how good decisions about landscape might be arrived at that take account of inclusive concepts such as: The importance of all landscapes; participation by all; aesthetic quality; legal frameworks and guidance; education and training needs; nature and biodiversity; heritage and cultural diversity; social integration; accessibility; economic viability; political and community support; climate change.  



There will be two study trips on the Thursday afternoon 9th June:

A ‘City Walkabout’ with a focus on urban landscape issues, initiatives, challenges and solutions

A ‘Harbour & Environs trip ’ focussing on peri-urban landscape issues, initiatives, challenges and solutions.



The draft prgramme for the Plenary Forum on Friday 10th June:

8.30am Registration

9.15 – 11.00am Opening Address & Keynote presentations – 7 no. x 15 minutes

11.20 – 12.30 Workshop & Study Trip Reports 7 x10 minute presentations

12.30 – 1.00pm Q & A for speakers and reports

2.00 – 3.30 Open Forum 6 x 10 & 6 x 5 minute presentations

3.50 – 5.00pm – Q&A relating to open forum followed by Closing Address


There will be breaks for tea/coffee at 11.00am and 3.30pm and for lunch at 1.00pm. Please note lunch is not included in registration fee, there are a range of café options on campus


FEES: The fees suggested are designed to maximise access to the forum and to cover costs only. The full rate of €40.00 applies to participants who can claim their fee as an expense

All other participants are invited to select one of the two concession rates:  €20.00 (NGOs / UCC staff) or €10.00 (Students & unwaged).  


The organisers wish to acknowledge the assistance of The Heritage Council, The Department for Arts, Heritage & the Gaeltacht and the College of Arts Celtic Studies and Sodical Sciences University College Cork.  


Throughout its history the National Landscape Forum has attracted participants from a wide range of sectors both from Ireland and abroad.  This year it is expected that the chosen themes will be of itnerest to: Active Concerned/interested Citizens/NGOs; Planners; Heritage folk; Landscape folk; Geographers; Landscape Architects; Architects; Geologists; Horticulturalists; Arborists; Artists; Landowners;  Farmers; Foresters; Utility providers; Energy/telecoms/water/waste professionals; Industrialists; Mari-culturalists; Multi-culturalists; Fishing Folk; Archaeologists; Poets; Educationalists (all levels); Environmentalists; Historians; Politicians; Engineers; Walkers; Hill climbers; Ecologists; Naturalists; Climate Change folk; Cartographers; Agronomists; Researchers; Politicians; Peatland folk; Tourism folk; Urbanists & all others    


Centre for Planning Education & Research

UCC Connolly Complex Mardyke Parade Cork