Utility-Based Models for Terminal-Oriented Handover in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks


  • Robert Schully

The integration of different wireless radio cellular technologies is emerging as an effective approach to accommodate the increasing demand of next-generation multi-media based applications. This integration is strongly propelled by the interest in introducing new ubiquitous services such as gaming, conferencing, and media streaming. This combination of applications and access technologies increases the system characteristic diversity creating a real heterogeneous system. The embedded system heterogeneity represents a real challenge against implementing the converged wireless system, especially during user roaming among different technologies, commonly known as vertical handoff. However, it also creates promising opportunities for both network operators and system users to improve their system utility due to the characteristically wide-ranging diversity in access technologies and provided applications.

The goal of this research is to develop new application adaptive handoff strategies that improve the user system utility. Another important goal is investigating new system architectures that minimize the impact of vertical handoff on the system performance.

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