Who We Are

Eva Cabrejas

18 Aug 2021

PhD Candidate – De la resistencia a la reconstrucción: Lucha epistémico cultural de la mujer originaria chiapaneca. Murales de Oventic: esencia de identidad nacional.

This project examines Chiapas indigenous women’s engagement with both internet and social media networking platforms which they use as political tools in defense of their identities and in resistance to the official versions emanating from different forms of state media. To investigate this engagement, I will analyse the first digital project featuring Zapatista women which featured a recording of their views on the 1st January 1994 uprising. I also study the corpus of material which includes local Chiapas broadcast media, for example community radio programmes from the Internet such as “Des Informémos” which is platform for sharing indigenous women’s opinions and experiences and is based on Chiapas women’s rights, culture and communication. Finally, I will also examine different Radio's, whose broadcasts are part of Selva Lacandona.

Centre for Mexican Studies

Room 1.51, First Floor - Block B East, O'Rahilly Building, University College Cork Ireland