Dec 02 Dr Vittorio Bufacchi


Dr Vittorio Bufacchi (Department of Philosophy, UCC)

"The Injustice of Exploitation: Lessons from Guatemala"

Exploitation is a fact of life for many millions of people living in Latin-America today. Yet, the extensive literature on Latin-American studies still endorses a limited, simplistic and inaccurate conception of this phenomenon.  The aim of this talk is to combine the most up-to-date philosophical literature on the concept of exploitation, with an account of exploitation in Guatemala. The first half of the talk will be more philosophical in nature. It will argue that there is much more to exploitation than the narrow economic account favoured by Marxist scholars. The second half of the talk will focus on exploitation in Guatemala, where for over 500 years the marginalised majority of Indigenous Indians (Mayas) have been the victims of oppressive and degrading exploitation.

Friday, 13th of December, 2002 - 4 p.m. - ORB 1.24

Followed by reception in ORB 1.51 - All Welcome

Centre for Mexican Studies

Room 1.51, First Floor - Block B East, O'Rahilly Building, University College Cork Ireland