Category 3 Laboratory

Details of services offered

Processing of research specimens carrying the risk of disease, particularly respiratory anf gastrointestinal specimens.

  1. Culture of specific pathogens to obtain DNA specimens e.g.:
    • Mycobacterium spp including M. tuberculosis
    • E. Coli O157
    • Salmonella enterica Serovar Typhi
    • Hepatitis C Virus
    • HIV
  2. Inactivation/initial DNA/RNA extraction from pathogens.
  3. Processing high risk research samples e.g. sputum, faeces for E.coli O157
  4. Training on working in Category 3 conditions.

Information on Category 3 Laboratory


The Category 3 UCC Research Laboratory

Meeting a need

Despite the many advances that have transformed medicine, infectious disease remains a serious problem in our society. Combating drug resistant microbes, new zoonoses and opportunist infections of immunocompromised patients requires a vastly improved understanding of microbial pathogens and the interaction between microbes and the host immune system. DNA-based technology is at the heart of current advances in research, and is increasingly used to make diagnoses of infections. Many different researchers at UCC and elsewhere have readily applicable techniques to handle microbial and viral DNA once it is extracted, but laboratory infection hazards associated with the initial specimen or culture can form a bottleneck to progress. A deficiency of national infrastructure in this area was identified in the 2006 HEA/Forfás Research Infrastructure review . HEA funding under the Research Equipment Renewal Grant Scheme (2007) has allowed UCC to address this issue.

The Category 3 UCC Research Laboratory will facilitate local research within both the School and Department of Medicine, at the Alimentary Pharmabiotic Centre (APC) and the Environmental Research Institute (ERI) and other national and international collaborations by generating safety transportable samples from pathogens requiring containment. 




Any other pertinent information

Commissioning Authority HPA Porton Down (Heather Sheeley), September 2010

Contact Details

Official opening of the Category 3 UCC Research Laboratory

The Category 3 UCC Research Laboratory was officially opened October 5th 2010 by Professor Mark Achtman, ERI.

Laboratory and Equipment Infrastructure

  • Negative Pressure Suite 82m3
  • Class I and Class II cabinet
  • Cell culture and bacterial incubators
  • Pass-through autoclave
  • -80 freezers X 3

Services Offered

Staffing: Overseen by Professor Mike Prentice and Dr. Liam Fanning.

Recent Events

Professor Mark Achtman, ERI., officially opening the Category 3 UCC Research Laboratory on October 5th 2010.

Department of Medicine

Roinn na Sláinte

Clinical Sciences Building, Cork University Hospital , T12 EC8P