Ms. Fiona Hanrahan


Fiona is an Assistant Director of Midwifery/Nursing (ADOM/N) at the Rotunda Hospital Dublin. Fiona trained as a general nurse in Ireland and as a midwife in the UK. Fiona worked in an integrated hospital/community team midwifery role in the UK until returning to Ireland in 2002.  Since commencing at the Rotunda Hospital, Fiona has worked in a variety of roles including postnatal ward manager and delivery suite co-ordinator. As a CMM3, Fiona developed the Rotunda Hospital’s community midwifery services including the DOMINO and Early Transfer Home (ETH) models of care.  Fiona achieved promotion to her current role in 2009. As ADOM/N, Fiona’s area of interest includes the promotion of integrated midwifery care for women with high risk pregnancies.

Maternal Death Enquiry - Ireland

Co-ordinator MDE Ireland 5th Floor, Cork University Maternity Hospital Wilton Cork