The ongoing work of the project proceeds on many fronts.


Work began on the bibliography and was published in 2011 — Bibliography of Publications on Irish Placenames (Irish Texts Society Subsidiary Series, Volume 22): buy online from the Royal Irish Academy shop

Fascicles of the new Historical Dictionary of Irish Placenames have been published since 2003.

A new and expanded set of abbreviations for texts has been created.

Two copies of the Onomasticon (those of the historians Fr Paul Walsh and Séamus Pender) have been obtained on loan by the project and have been gleaned for the additional information they contain.

The text of Fr Edmund Hogan's Onomasticon Goedelicum (Dublin, 1910) was captured digitally in 1999 (608,246 words). In 2001 Margaret Lantry, Project Manager, Documents of Ireland Project at UCC, marked up the text in XML using DTD generated by Peter Flynn, Electronic Publications Unit, Computer Centre, UCC; it is now available online at

On the to-do list

Lists of contents of manuscripts used by Hogan have been drawn up and checking has begun, to discover where texts, then excerpted from manuscripts, have since been published. Postgraduate students in the Department have been employed to carry out this very labour-intensive task.

At the same time a fachbibliothek (specialist library) of reference books relating to placenames is being built up.

Consultations with specialists working in similar areas has been taking place on a regular basis. Among those consulted have been: Mr Peter Flynn, Academic Projects Manager, Computer Centre, University College, Cork; Mr Dónall Mac Giolla Easpaig, former Director of the Placenames Branch, Department of Community, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs; Dr Kay Muhr, The Northern Ireland Place-Name Project, Department of Celtic, Queen's University of Belfast; Prof. Donnchadh Ó Corráin, Former Director of the CELT data-base project at University College, Cork; Mr Tomás Ó Canann, Mequon, Wisconsin; Dr Nollaig Ó Muraíle, Scoil na Gaeilge, Coláiste na hOllscoile, Gaillimh; Dr Fiachra Mac Gabhann; Mr Liam Ó hAisibéil; and Prof. Thomas Charles-Edwards, Jesus College, Oxford.

The Locus project would like to appeal to anyone who has new or additional information on any placename, whether cited by Hogan or not, to make this information available. Every addition or correction will be credited to the scholar who submits it. Any additional bibliographical information about placenames will also be very welcome.

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