INAD Audit Tools and Materials

Audit Tools and Materials

Audit Tools and Materials

The Irish National Audit of Dementia (INAD) is comprised of four parts, employing tools adapted from the 2010 UK Audit for the Irish population;


Casenote Audit - Each participating hospital is asked to identify the records of 30 patients with a diagnosis or current history of dementia. Of these 30 casenotes, 20 which meet the inclusion criteria of the project are audited against a checklist of standards that relate to admission, comprehensive multi-disciplinary assessment, care planning/delivery, and discharge.

Hospital Organisational Audit - This section of the audit looks at the structures, policies, guidelines, care processes and key staff that impact on service planning and provision for care of people with dementia within each general hospital.

Ward Organisational Audit -  The purpose of this tool is to investigate; staffing levels and practices, ward access to services, information availability and provision to dementia patients and carers/relatives, as well as nutrition and communication. The ward organisational audits are carried out on at least one surgical and one medical ward in each participating hospital.

Ward Environmental Checklist - This checklist involves investigation of wards through observation of the environment i.e. layout/size, signage/mapping, floors, bedding, accessibility of toilets and bathing facilities, patients safety, and the promotion of patient independence, all as they relate to dementia care.

Below are PDF files of the tools employed to carry out the Irish National Audit of Dementia in General and Acute Hospitals. The tools below have been modified for use in the Irish population with the full permission of the original authors, the Healthcare Quality and Improvement Partnership (HQIP). The tools below must not be reproduced, distributed, modified or used without permission from HQIP. 










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