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Granary Theatre UCC

Granary Theatre Current Status

Granary Theatre 

The Granary Theatre is a key teaching and learning asset and a critical outreach and community engagement organism within UCC, whose future is important to faculty, staff, students: especially to students in the School of Film, Music and Theatre; to the performance-based student societies; and to the wider artistic and audience community of Cork.

The will of the university is to renew, develop, and maximise the Granary’s presence as a beacon of teaching, learning, research, and public engagement for Theatre; for the School of Film, Music and Theatre; and for the wider university.

However, the Granary will be unable to function as normal as we emerge from the pandemic. Due to dramatically reduced resourcing as a result of the pandemic for 2022-23, the Granary will primarily be able to be used as a classroom and rehearsal space by the Department of Theatre. 

Limited, teaching-related performance events for small audiences may take place, coordinated by the Department of Theatre. 

The Department will dialogue with and support as best it can the historically significant Dramat and other performance-related student societies during this time.

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Telephone: (021) 490 4272

Address: UCC Granary Theatre, Dyke Parade, T12 VF64, Cork

Granary Theatre