2018. February 16th. Connecting with Galician Folk Music

16 Feb 2018

Dr. Xosé Manuel Sánchez Rei will explore the links between Galician and Irish traditional music.

Research Seminar

ORB.124 – 4:00 pm


Differences and similarities between Irish and Galician music

Dr Sánchez Rei will explore the links between Galician and Irish traditional music, covering aspects such as the languages they use, the history, social importance of music, social relevance of music in emigration, most common rhythms (hornpipe, alborada, slow air, alalá, etc.), representative instruments and the revival of traditional music in the 20th century. He will also discuss some idiosyncratic features of each tradition.




Didactic Concert

Seomra Caidrimh – 5:30 pm–7:00 pm


Galician bagpipes: rhythms and most representative melodies

He will perform a selection of melodies from the traditional Galician bagpipe repertoire (end of 19th century to beginning of 20th century) from several areas of the country such as the Rías Baixas, the Mariñas Coruñesas, Terra de Montes, Cedeira and the Eastern mountains.




Xosé Manuel Sánchez Rei (A Coruña, Galicia, 1973) is a lecturer in the Department of Galician and Portuguese Philology at the University of A Coruña. His main research is on the grammar of contemporary Galician and on linguistic variation, topics on which he has published several books and articles in national and international journals. He is also working on the Galician traditional songbook from the 18th to the 20th centuries and is currently preparing an edition of 7,000 songs collected at the end of the 20th century to be published in the US. 

Irish Centre for Galician Studies

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