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Professor Frank Peters

Research Interests

  • Photonics Integrated Circuits (PICs)
  • Monolithic and Hybrid Integration
  • High Speed Photonic Devices
  • Physics of Optical Waveguides
  • Semiconductor Lasers
  • Planar Optical Devices
  • Computational Modelling
  • Photonics Systems
  • Characterisation and Test
  • Implementation of advanced modulation schemes in PICs
  • Automation and characterisation of Photonic Devices

Professional Activity

Part of the leadership of I-PIC, the Irish Photonics Integration Centre 

Tyndall National Institute
Leads the Integrated Photonics Group, as part of the Photonics centre at the Tyndall National Institut

Teaching Activity


Year  Position 
2014- Professor in Photonics
Department of PhysicsUniversity College Cork, Ireland 
2005-2013 Lecturer in Photonics
Department of PhysicsUniversity College Cork, Ireland 

Member of Technical Staff
Infinera, Sunnyvale, CA, USA

(formerly known as Zepton Networks)

2000-2001 Research Engineer / Manager
Agilent Technologies, San Jose, CA, USA
1993-2000 Principle Scientist / Research and Development Engineer
Optical Concepts / Gore Photonics (W. L. Gore and Associates), Lompoc, CA USA
1991-1993 Research Engineer
ECE DepartmentUCSB, Santa Barbara, CA, USA
1987 Summer Student
Laboratory of Microstructures, National Research Council, Ottawa, Ont. Canada


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Frank Peters

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1991 Ph.D. in Engineering Physics McMaster University, Hamilton, Ont. Canada Thesis topic: Spatially Resolved and Polarization Resolved Electroluminescence of 1.3 mm InGaAsP Semiconductor Diode Lasers Thesis advisor: Prof. D. T. Cassidy

Research Area:




Room 116G, 1st Floor floor, School of Physics, University College Cork, Ireland,