Marks and Standards

Marks and Standards

Anonymous Marking

End-of Year Written Examinations (Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter) for all modules are marked anonymously.

To manage this in the examination venues, the following arrangements are in place:

  • You will be seated in each examination venue by random examination number and in seat number order. The seats are numbered (1 to xxx) in each examination venue. You are allocated a random examination number and a seat number in each venue for each examination sitting (Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter).
  • Your examination number and seat number will be on your examination timetable. A seating plan with seat numbers will be posted outside of each examination venue. You should not have any difficulty in finding your seat. However, if you cannot find your seat, you should ask an invigilator for help.
  • To provide for anonymity in the marking of your scripts, you should only enter your examination number, your module code and paper number if relevant on the front of your answer book(s). No other identification should be viewable on your answer book(s).
  • In the event of an examination number being entered incorrectly or omitted from an answer book the following additional information is required: student number, name and signature. These details must be put on the top right-hand corner of your answer book, which you will seal. The seal will only be broken in the case of being unable to otherwise identify a candidate.
  • Your written examination will be corrected anonymously and the mark obtained will be combined with your non-anonymous continuous assessment marks, if applicable, which will have been corrected by name.
  • MCQ Examinations will not be anonymous. You will be required to enter your name, student number and examination number on the answer sheet.
  • If you forget/misplace your examination number, the Senior Invigilator will consult the master seating list, which will be sorted by name and which will include your examination number, seat number and student number and will provide you with your examination number and seat number.

Appeal Regulations and Application Form

Examination Appeal Application Form


For Students who miss the closing date to Appeal their result complete this Late Appeal Request Form 

Late Appeal Request Guidelines and Form



Re-check Regulations and Application Form

Recheck Application Form & Regulations



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