Marina Butuzova OJ 287: optical --- VLBI connection under a single supermassive black hole Butuzova (OJ287) - EVN 2021 Poster
Marina Butuzova Simulated transverse distribution of polarization properties for parsec-scale jets in active galactic nuclei Butuzova (Polarization) - EVN 2021 Poster
Sandor Frey Three in One: The VLBI Radio View of the X-ray Quasar RX J1456.0+5048 Frey - EVN 2021 Poster
Krisztina Gabanyi Searching for the origin of doublepeaked broad emission lines in a merging galaxy with the EVN Gabanyi - EVN 2021 Poster
Mate Krezinger Dual-frequency EVN Observations of a Large Sample of Distant Radio Quasars Krezinger - EVN 2021 Poster
Yulia Sotnikova PKS 1502+106 as a Neutrino-Radio bright VLBI Object with Proton Jet Sotnikova - EVN Poster 2021
Jun Yang More pc-scale jets detectable in dwarf galaxies JunYang - EVN 2021 Poster
Anne-Kathrin Baczko Jet collimation in NGC1052 from 1.4Ghz to 86GHz Baczko - EVN 2021 Poster


Artis Aberfelds Miliarcsecond resolution look to the cloudlet shape evolution in IRAS 20126+4104 Aberfelds - EVN 2021 Poster
Ross Burns Recent activity of the Maser Monitoring Organisation Burns - EVN 2021 Poster
Agnieszka Kobak Milliarcsecond analysis of the 6.7~GHz methanol maser outburst in HMYSO G24.33 Kobak - EVN 2021 Poster
Zsofia Szabo Episodic ejection from a low-mass young stellar object traced by H_2O maser Szabo - EVN 2021 Poster


Michael Janssen VLBI data reduction with CASA Janssen - EVN 2021 Poster
Susanne Lunz The impact of new models of stellar motion from VLBI on the alignment of the optically bright Gaia frame to ICRF3 Lunz - EVN Poster 2021
Janis Steinbergs Single base line interferomteter for mJy observations Steinbergs - EVN 2021 Poster
Kazi Rygl Ideas mailbox for EVN Users Rygl - EVN Poster 2021

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