Link for Scientific Sessions

All the scientific sessions of the EVN Mini-Symposium will be hosted in a Zoom webinar format, in which all participants apart from the speaker and Chairs will be muted. The Zoom webinar link for all the EVN Mini-Symposium scientific sessions is

International numbers available for joining by phone:


Links for recordings of sessions on YouTube:

AGN I, before the break:

AGN I, after the break:

Users' Meeting:


VLBI Techniques & Arrays:

Transients & GRBs:



Playlist for all sessions:

Link for Poster and Social Space

The Poster Reception (Tuesday 13 July 19:00-21:00 CEST) will be hosted using the platform, and this space will remain open during the entire EVN Mini-Symposium  (do not hesitate to enter for more social interactions). The link for the EVN Mini-Symposium space is:

Some information about how to access and use can be found at:


Link for Discord Discussion Platform

The EVN Mini-Symposium will use Discord as a virtual discussion space allowing direct interaction between all participants. The link for the EVN Discord server is:

Some information about how to install and use Discord can be found at: Discord Link

EVN Mini-Symposium & User's Meeting