The Choosing Healthy Eating for Infant Health(CHErIsH) Study

About CHErIsH

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(2015- 2020)

The Choosing Healthy Eating for Infant Health (CHErIsH) study is a multi-disciplinary, cross-institutional project that aims to develop, implement and evaluate an intervention to support and promote healthy infant feeding practices among parents and primary caregivers within primary care settings. It consists of a complex infant feeding intervention delivered at routine infant vaccination visits, alongside a healthcare professional (HCP) level implementation strategy to support delivery. The primary impetus for CHErIsH is to reduce the risk of childhood overweight and obesity, viewing early feeding as a critical window to reduce this risk and improve children’s health, well-being and development.  

A feasibility study on CHErIsH is currently underway at the Mallow Primary Healthcare Centre (MPHC) – the project’s primary care partner. The aim of this study is to collect and examine data on the acceptability and feasibility of the CHErIsH intervention and implementation strategy in primary care settings. Results of this feasibility study will be available soon. The CHErIsH protocol is now published and available to view on BMJ OpenThis protocol provides a description of the non-randomised feasibility study for this infant feeding intervention and the accompanying implementation strategy. 

For further information on this project please contact Dr Susan Calnan ( 

Funding has also been provided under the HRB Knowledge Exchange and Dissemination Scheme (KEDS) to co-create and implement a knowledge translation strategy for CHErIsH. This strategy will aim to ensure that the valuable findings and learning from this study will be disseminated and translated into actions for practice and policy. For further information on the knowledge translation strategy for CHErIsH please contact Dr Susan Calnan ( School of Public Health, University College Cork. 

CHErIsH Study Within a Trial (SWAT) 

Issues with questionnaire completion introduce bias and limit examinations in trials. Improving communication with participants about trial processes, such as outcome and questionnaire development, may improve questionnaire completion and response rates. Providing information about the involvement of stakeholders in the development of core outcome sets (COS) measured in trials may improve responding by tapping into subjective norms and behaviour change mechanisms. The aim of this Study Within a Trial (SWAT) is to examine if questionnaire response rates and participants’ attitudes towards questionnaire completion are impacted by providing information about COS use in a trial of a complex intervention. The trial within which the SWAT is embedded is the CHErIsH trial.  

The SWAT is supported by the HRB TMRN, and the SWAT protocol can be found here. For further information on this project please contact Dr Karen Matvienko-Sikar, School of Public Health, University College Cork at or on 021-4205530. 

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