Where Can I Park?

Visiting Campus during COVID-19

UCC has introduced enhanced public health safety measures during the COVID-19 pandemic. Visit our COVID-19 Visitor Information pages for the latest information. 

Useful Parking Maps

Visitor Parking & Deliveries

The two main visitor car parks are located at:

  • Perrott’s Inch (P1, off Western Road)
  • College Road (P2, entry from Perrott Avenue)

Both car parks are charged for by the hour. Download the Visitor Parking (1,222kB) (1,222kB) Map.

Visitor parking is also available at:

  • Western Gateway Building
  • Brookfield Health Science Complex
  • North Mall Campus

Pay and Display tickets here are €2 per hour.

Please note that access to all other on campus car parks is restricted to permit holders Monday to Friday, 8am–5pm.

€2 Charge on Exit after 7pm

There is a €2 charge on exit after 7pm from the main campus, Geography Car Park, Aras na Laoi Car Park and Food Science Car Park.  The North Mall car park is charged at €2 from 5pm on entry for operational reasons.

Note: Swipe key holders can swipe out as usual from these car parks, the €2 charge on exit after 7pm does not apply.

Visitor Car Parking Rates

Timing Fee
Exit within 30 mins Free
First Hour €1.00
Each Additional Hour €2.00 per hour
Evening Cut-Off Rate* After 18.30 (Mon - Fri) €2.00 max

*If parking started before 18.30, the cut-off applies to hours of parking commencing after 18.30

Park and Ride

UCC also provides a Park and Ride service with frequent shuttle buses from its Pouladuff P+R car park near the N40 South Ring Road (‘Togher’, exit 7) or the Black Ash P+R at the Kinsale Road Roundabout (October–May, N27/N40, exit 6). Shuttles operate 8am to 6.30pm (from/to Black Ash 9am to 6.30pm) and take 10–15 minutes. Download the Park + Ride (104kB) (104kB) Map.


There are restrictions on truck movements on Campus.  In order to minimise risk, it is necessary to have all truck deliveries completed and off campus before 8am. Truck deliveries arriving on campus after 7.45am will be turned away.  Vans will continue to be given access during the day, however, we would ask that where possible these deliveries be completed by 8am also.

Short term parking for delivery vehicles is at the discretion of the security staff at the main campus Security Centre who can be contacted at each entrance barrier. Deliveries must not obstruct access. The Security Centre (Ext. 2266) should be contacted before large delivery vehicles access the campus.

Car Parking Conditions

UCC's buildings are located in suburban and city centre areas of Cork City. Site and planning restrictions mean that UCC cannot provide sufficient car parking for all those who would like to drive to work/study or to visit the College. As a result those wishing to access the University are strongly urged to use non-car modes of travel. UCC is well served by public transport and attempts are being made to improve cycle and pedestrian facilities.

UCC Parking Facilities 2017 (1,275kB) (1,275kB)

Those driving and parking on campus should always show consideration for pedestrians who have priority and to be aware that persons with disabilities use the campus.

  • Anybody parking in the environs of UCC should park in legitimate spaces only and respect the needs of local residents.
  • There is a maximum speed limit of 15 km/h (c 10 mph) on the campus and in the car parks.
  • The College car parks are open as follows: 8.00am - 10.30pm. Overnight parking is not allowed. Access to the main campus car parks - rear of the Science building (left hand side, Physics car park), Aras na Laoi and Donovan’s Road (Geography), do not require a swipe key after 6.00pm. This facilitates night students and will help relieve congestion in the parking surrounding areas.
  • Access for vehicle parking within the majority of UCC's sites is restricted to staff with a valid swipe key, to the disabled, and to pre-authorised visitors. A swipe key does not guarantee a car parking space. Entry is not permitted to key holders without keys (if you forget your key please do not approach a barrier and attempt to access campus).
  • Parking is only permitted in the marked spaces in all parking areas (between two white lines). In car parks with counting facilities when these spaces are full, no further vehicles will be permitted entry. This is essential for compliance with the Fire Regulations, to facilitate access to the buildings and allow free movement of pedestrians.
  • The marked disabled parking spaces are strictly reserved for vehicles with disabled stickers.
  • All vehicles are parked at the owner's risk and the College does not accept liability for any loss, consequential loss, or damage.
  • UCC reserves the right to remove or clamp any vehicles which obstruct access for emergency vehicles or if not parked in a marked space. A charge of €80 will apply for removal of wheel clamp (payable to clamping contractor).No liability is accepted for any damage resulting from the removal of any vehicle by UCC.
  • UCC will operate a penalty system whereby those who disregard the "Parking Conditions" will receive one warning and thereafter any offence will lead to their swipe key being disallowed for a period of one month. Persistent offenders will have their swipe key disabled for longer periods or withdrawn altogether.


Conditions for Access

Staff Parking Permits / Swipe Keys

UCC cannot provide car parking for all staff. Swipe keys which permit vehicle entry at any of the barriers to main campus are currently restricted to the following categories of staff:

  • Permanent full-time/part-time UCC staff
  • Disabled staff
  • Non-permanent staff with over 3 years service

For security reasons, swipe keys are issued to the individual for a registered vehicle (and/or 2nd family vehicle) and are not transferable. Swipe key holders are required to provide details of their vehicle. If a vehicle is changed, full details must be provided to Sonya Kiely/Maeve Lewis, General Services Office, telephone 021 490 2265 or e-mail generalservicesadmin@ucc.ie

Swipe keys must be surrendered back to the General Services office on leaving UCC employment.

Existing swipe keys will be intermediately re-registered, swipe key holders will be notified by the College. Applicants may be required to produce proof of identity. After this re-registration process swipe keys which have not been re-registered will be disabled from further use.

Student Parking

No swipe keys will be issued to students. The only exceptions will be for disabled students. Students may park at:

  • Visitor/short stay car parks at Perrott’s Inch and Perrott Avenue (Hourly car parking charges apply)
  • Dennehy’s Cross (PBC Sports Ground, Park & Ride) (Free of Charge)
  • Pouladuff (Park & Ride) (Free of Charge)

Vehicles must be parked in the marked spaces only.

Visitors Parking

Visitor car parking is available at Perrott’s Inch and Perrott Avenue car parks (hourly charge) and at Brookfield Health Science Complex (pay & display).

A small number (6) of visitor car parking spaces are provided adjacent to the Reception Centre at the vehicular entrance to the main campus on College Road. Visitor parking should be prearranged by contacting the General Services Office on 021 490 2265 or emailing Sonya Kiely/Maeve Lewis at generalservicesadmin@ucc.ie. Applicants must be authorised by a Department Manager and will be allocated on a first come first serve basis. Normally at least 24 hours notice must be given.

Visitors who are unable to obtain parking on the campus are requested to pay due regard to the access needs of the residents in the area surrounding the campus. Most of the on-street parking in this area is controlled by prepaid disc parking. Pay parking is available at Perrott Avenue, Perrott's Inch and Brookfield car parks.

Motorists with Disabilities

Swipe keys permitting access to all parking areas are provided for both staff and students by Sonya Kiely/Maeve Lewis, General Services Office at 021 490 2265 or e-mail generalservicesadmin@ucc.ie A number of marked spaces are reserved solely for the use of the disabled. Cars parked in these spaces must display windscreen stickers.

Disabled visitors are permitted to access campus whenever possible on request to the vehicular entrance to the main campus.


Parking for contractor's staff is generally not available within UCC. Access for a limited number of vehicles will be allowed to deliver materials, etc. The Safety and Health Plan for Capital Projects should adequately address deliveries, parking etc. to ensure the safety of UCC personnel.

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