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Teach Digi

Teach Digi, 'The Home of Digital Education', is where we bring it all together into training and advice for staff.

'Teach' is the Irish word for 'house' or 'home'. For pronunciation see the following link: teach

In the context of 'Teach Digi', it can also be read as the English verb 'teach' if you prefer. 

CDE Training Events

The CDE regularly provides training events, both online and in-person, depending on demand. Our focus tries to bridge the gap between learning theory and practice, so can focus on tools such as Canvas or Vevox, but also addresses concepts such as engagement, digital assessment, and digital confidence as needed. We communicate our training schedules through Workvivo, email and our SharePoint site.

Teaching with Technology

Teaching with Technology is a comprehensive Canvas-based course available to all UCC staff. It covers the key information when using UCC's main educational technologies, along with various resources that can support teaching.

Staff progress through the topics moving from beginner-level basics all the way up to the more advanced features. 

Digital Assessment

Any assessment of learning which uses technology is a part of the ‘digital assessment’ conversation. The CDE's Digital Assessment SharePoint site explores the various benefits and challenges that come with assessing with technology. It organises and presents relevant materials, resources, and scaffolding documents, supported with real-world examples and experiences of practitioners in UCC.  

The goal is to provide orientation and help make clear what the next steps may be for academics who want to use technology more effectively in their assessment practices.

Vevox - Live Polling

Vevox is UCC's live audience-engagement platform, with polls and Q&A. It is also one of the tools for Digital Assessment available to staff in UCC.

UCC Professional Skills Digital Badge 2024UCC Professional Skills Digital Badge

The UCC Professional Skills Digital Badge is open to new and existing staff. It is an online programme covering Digital Education, Finance, Marketing & Brand Impact and Workvivo. New staff will benefit from the comprehensive overview provided by the course while existing staff can complete the digital badge to gain a valuable insight into each of the four areas.

You can access Canvas to enrol on the course and it can be completed at your own pace. You can dip in and out of any module, refreshing and upskilling as your role demands.

To be awarded the digital badge you will need to complete all four modules, submit three examples of your application of the course content and take part in a feedback session.

Centre for Digital Education

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