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Launch of The LIstening to the Voice of Experience (LIVE) Podcast

9 Dec 2019

A special event was held in the School of Public Health, UCC on Monday, 9th December to launch the LIVE podcast.

LIVE, which stands for ‘LIstening to the Voice of Experience’ is a two-part podcast series about Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) in research.

Part I hears from the individuals involved in the IDEAs study. These individuals speak about their lived experience of diabetes and how they are using their experiences to inform and shape the research being conducted.

Speakers at the event included Ms Emmy Racine, PPI coordinator at the School of Public Health, Ms Dawn Steacy, PPI contributor and Dr Martin Galvin, UCC Civic and Community Engagement Officer.


Ms Emmy Racine, PPI coordinator remarked - ‘Recording and launching a podcast was definitely a first for our PPI group, there was a moment when the microphone was taken out and placed on the table in front of us and we all just froze. But then everyone started to warm-up and tell their stories and by the end of the few hours, you couldn’t stop us from talking. It wasn’t only a first for our group but it is also a first for the School of Public Health and its been so exciting to work on something new’.

Dr Martin Galvin, UCC Civic and Community Engagement Officer, also remarked on the uniqueness of the podcast, stating that it was the first of its kind and very much in line with UCC’s Civic and Community Engagement Strategy. He praised the PPI contributors on their involvement as it takes serious courage to get involved in research with no previous research experience.

Dawn Steacy, PPI contributor, has lived with Type 1 Diabetes for 3 years. She spoke about her experience of being involved as a PPI contributor- ‘Although there are very obvious reasons why people get involved in research such as wanting to make an impact on the research process and improve the lives of patients, for me, being involved as a PPI contributor has meant so much more, I have gained wonderful friends. Living with a chronic condition can be lonely, but being part of the PPI group has given me so much peer-support and it has been so inspiring for me to speak with others that are living with the same condition.”

You can listen to the podcast here:

The project is funded by the Irish Research Council New Foundations award.

IDEAs (Improving Diabetes Eye screening Attendance)

School of Public Health, Western Gateway Building, T12 XF62