Clinical & Translational Research

CRVB is committed to translating concepts from the basic research lab to the clinic for the benefit of patients with cardiovascular disease.  We have initiated a number of clinical studies including the detection of circulating progenitor cells in patients with a high risk of atherosclerosis and with a substantial atherosclerosis burden.  These studies are ongoing in the context of examining the relationship between circulating  progenitor cells, their  biology and atherosclerosis progression.
Having recently completed a series of the experimental myocardial infarction (MI) studies using the experimental imaging facility(IVUS, Echo, Angiography, CT)  at CRVB we have shown that factors secreted from progenitor cells are as potent as cell therapy alone.  We have isolated specific factors from these progenitor cells and have demonstrated dose efficacy in terms of acute improvement of heart muscle survival post infarction and chronic remodeling of  the left ventricle months after MI
We are now poised to pursue a clinical trial with these growth factors and have recently received extramural funding to pursue this trial.  These studies will be performed in patients with large myocardial infarctions, and with poor LV function after successful percutaneous intervention.  
We possess an ongoing pipeline of drug and device concepts and therapeutic strategies that are evolving in our lab and aim to translate these to the clinic.

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