Nursery Room

Our spacious and well-equipped nursery room caters for babies from 5 months to 14 months. The programme of care for children in the nursery is based on the child’s individual routine. A warm, stimulating environment is provided through caring and responsive staff. Sensitivity, consistency and loving interactions are promoted at all times. Activities are conducted individually depending on the age and ability of each child, and revolves around their care needs. Developmental milestones are considered imperative when planning activities to aid the enhancement of their abilities.                                                                                                                              

Mobiles, rattles, soft colourful toys and toys with different textures are used as a stimulus for young infants, aiding the development of the primitive palmer grasp, reaching and grabbing skills as well as to develop hand/eye co-ordination. Staff will interact with babies through songs and rhymes to aid the development of social, emotional, language and cognitive skills. Opportunities for lying down allowing for kicking and rolling are recognised as being important to aid the child’s overall development. As the babies gain more independence, more challenging toys will be introduced and as the babies get older staff will be preparing them for the transition for toddler groups. Activities will include jigsaws, play dough, water play, construction toys, threading beads, pegboards etc.


Crèche Cois Laoi

Brookfield Health Sciences Complex, University College Cork, College Road, Cork