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About Crèche Cois Laoi

The crèche is called Crèche Cois Laoi given its proximity to the river Lee. It is a purpose built childcare centre with innovative design and layout, which caters for 82 children. We are located in the Brookfield Health Sciences Complex, University College Cork, College Road, Cork. The crèche is run by - Student and Facilities Services (UCC) Ltd.

Mission Statement

Crèche Cois Laoi provides the highest quality childcare for the children of staff and students of UCC, in a safe, loving and accepting environment within which each child is supported in developing their potential at their own pace and where self respect and respect for others is consistently promoted.


Crèche Cois Laoi is a centre of excellence providing focussed, integrated services creating an environment where each individual child feels loved, happy and supported in reaching there potential. The caring staff encourage children to express themselves freely and spontaneously, and promote enthusiasm for learning. Children, parents and staff regard the facility as an extension of the home. The service is equal for all and positive interactions are encouraged between all parties.

NCNA - Early Years All Ireland Centre of Excellence

In April 2010, Crèche Cois Laoi proudly became an NCNA Early Years All Ireland Centre of Excellence becoming the first University Crèche to achieve this status.

This Childcare project is part-funded by the Irish Government and part-financed by the European Union Structural Funds under the National Development Plan 2000-2006

European Union Structural Fund and NDP 2000-2006 Logos 

 Your Plan - Your Future

Opening Times and Holidays

Hours of operation are 8.00am to 6.00pm daily. 

We open from Monday to Friday for fifty one weeks of the year and we close for all bank/public holidays, Good Friday and for one week during Christmas and the New Year.  

In the interest of staff welfare, the childcare service is committed to staff members finishing their working day at an appropriate time. Late pick up effects children, staff ratios and scheduling therefore a late fine charge is in operation.

Crèche Cois Laoi

Brookfield Health Sciences Complex, University College Cork, College Road, Cork