Maurice O'Fihely

Maurice O’Fihely (c.1460-1513)

Born at Baltimore in Cork, O’Fihely was dubbed “Mauritius a Portu”, and occasionally “Flos Mundi”.  He was educated first at Oxford, where he entered the Franciscans, then at Padua, where he became a Doctor of Divinity and regent of studies for the Franciscans.  He excelled in Scotist theology and philosophy. During this period he also worked as a corrector for the publishing firms of Scott and Locatelli at Venice.  In 1506 he was appointed Archbishop of Tuam, in which capacity he attended the first two sessions of the Fifth Lateran Council in 1512.  He did not travel to Ireland to occupy his see until 1513, and he never reached his destination, dying en route at a Franciscan convent in Galway.  His learning and scholarship were held in very high esteem during his own time, and some of his notes on Scotus were valued over a century later, being printed in Wadding’s great edition of Scotus in 1639.  He was the first Irish scholar to become associated with the printing press, and thus the earliest included in this bibliography.  His works exist in multiple editions and are often cited with variant titles.


1.            Quaestiones Subtilissime Scoti in Metaphysicam Aristotelis. Eiusdem de Primo Rerum Principio Tractatus Atque Theoremata, ed. Maurice O'Fihely (Venice, 1497), Folio.

2.         Duns Scotus. Quaestiones..Item Super Libros Elenchorum, ed. Maurice O'Fihely (Venice, 1500), Folio.

3.            Commentaria Doctoris Subtilis Joan. Scoti in XII Libros Metaphysicae Aristotelis Emendata, et Quotationibus, Concordantiis Atque Annotationibus Decorata, (Venice, 1501), Folio.

4.            Formalitates de Mente Doctoris Subtilis Nec Non Stephani Burlifer Cum Novis Additionibus et Concordantiis Magistri Mauricii Hibernici in Margine Decorate, ed.  O'Fihely (Venice, 1501), Quarto.

5.            Enchyridion Fidei, (Venice, 1505), Quarto.

6.         Duns Scotus. Primus Scripti Oxoniensis..Super Sententias, ed. Maurice O'Fihely (Venice, 1506), Folio.

7.         Duns Scotus. Quaestiones Quodlibetales, ed. Maurice O'Fihely (Venice, 1506), Folio.

8.         Duns Scotus. Quartus Scripti Oxoniensis, ed. Maurice O'Fihely (Venice, 1506), Folio.

9.         Duns Scotus. Secundus Scripti Oxoniensis, ed. Maurice O'Fihely (Venice, 1506), Folio.

10.       Duns Scotus. Tertius Scripti Oxoniensis, ed. Maurice O'Fihely (Venice, 1506), Folio.

11.            Reportata Parisiensa Duns Scoti; Atque Vita Eiusdem (1518).

12.            Expositio Sive Lectura Accuratissima in Quaestiones Joannis Scoti in Isagogen Porphyrii, (Venice, 1519), Folio.

13.       Scoti Tractatus de Modi Significandi Seu Grammaticae Speculative (Venice, 1519), Octavo.

14.            Dictionarum Sacrae Scripturae (Venice, 1603), Folio.

15.            Formalitates Antonii Sirecti Summi Ac Preclari Parisiensis Theologi de Mente Joannis Duns Scoti..Cum Novis Additionibus a Magistri Mauritii de Portu Hyberniae, ed.  O'Fihely (London, [1513]), Quarto.

16.            Praeclarissima..Scripta..Francisci de Mayronis in Quator Libros, ed.  Hippolitus Carmelitanus and  Maurice O'Fihely (Venice, 1520), Folio.

17.       Luke Wadding, Maurice O'Fihely, Hugh MacCaghwell and Anthony Hickey, R.P.F. Johannis Duns Scoti..Opera Omnia..Scholiis et Commentariis Illustrata a P.P. Hibernis Collegii Romani S. Isadori Professoribus, ed. et al. Wadding (Lyons, 1639), Folio.

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