Project Team

ClimAtt Principal Investigator

  • Dr. Paul Leahy: Lecturer in Energy Engineering, UCC.

Workpackage leaders and contributors

  • Prof. Gerard Kiely: Former Chair of Civil and Environmental Engineering, UCC.
  • Dr. Kieran Hickey:  Senior Lecturer in Geography, UCC.
  • Dr. LucĂ­a Hermida: ClimAtt Postdoctoral Researcher, Environmental Research Institute, UCC.

Scientific and technical support

  • Prof. Myles Allen: Professor of Geosystem Science, Environmental Change Institute, Oxford University.


  • Ms. Parvaneh Nobakth: M. Eng. Sc. Student, Engineering, UCC.
  • Mr. Adam Pasik: M. Sc. Student, Geography, UCC.


Climate Change Attribution of Extreme Weather Events