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Global Hip Hop Studies Journal



The Global Hip Hop Studies Journal is now available for free download. Please click here

Global Hip Hop Studies (GHHS) is a peer-reviewed, rigorous and community-responsive academic journal that publishes research on contemporary as well as historical issues and debates surrounding hip hop music and culture around the world, twice annually. The journal provides a platform for the investigation and critical analysis of hip hop politics, activism, education, media practices and industry analyses as well as manifestations of hip hop culture in all four of the classic elements (DJing/turntablism, MCing/rapping, graffiti/street art and b-boying/b-girling/breaking and other hip hop dances), the under-examined realms of beatboxing, fashion, identity formation, hip hop nation language (HHNL) and beyond.

In short, GHHS is a hip hop cipher that aims to examine and expand the 'fifth element', knowledge (knowledge of self, historical knowledge, hip-hop cultural knowledge and other knowledge paradigms) and its intersections with all the culture‚Äôs material, embodied and conceptual forms. Centred around the truly global collection of established scholars on its advisory board, GHHS privileges the insights of people of colour and supports and encourages those of all marginalized, subordinated and disenfranchised global citizens who are engaged in manifesting progressive political and social change and expanded intellectual vistas. The GHHS's proactive distribution model provides journal access to the under-resourced communities who created the culture, thus aiming at nothing less than a refiguration of the university knowledge trade.

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