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Le Chéile

2 Oct 2023

Le Chéile is a programme aimed to develop your personal skills for proactive student-to-student assistance and intervention. Starting Tuesday 10th October 2023 from 6-8pm. To sign up email lecheile@ucc.ie

Le Chéile is a programme encouraging personal skill development for proactive student-to student assistance and intervention. The programme runs for five weeks, bringing together qualified experts, both internal and external to UCC.

This skills-based programme was developed in response to various issues students encounter and is tailored to the bystander model of safe, effective intervention. It engages students in a shared learning experience to proactively recognise and respond to peers who are struggling and how to intervene in various situations. Over the 5 weeks, Le Chéile covers:

  • Week 1: Mental Health and Wellbeing with Tom Tate (Why Mind) and Active Listening with UCC Counselling
  • Week 2: Bystander Intervention with UCC Bystander Intervention 
  • Week 3: Suicide Awareness with Cork Samaritans
  • Week 4: Drugs and Alcohol with Cork Local Drugs & Alcohol Task Force
  • Week 5: Student Feedback Session with UCC Chaplaincy

By the end of the programme students will:

  • Be more proactive in looking after themselves and each other.
  • Learn techniques and skills to enable them to recognise and intervene in various situations.
  • Be able to analyse unhealthy patterns in the lives of their peers and themselves.
  • Learn how to develop healthy habits to combat these patterns.
  • Learn how to actively listen and communicate.
  • Develop their own innate abilities to be able to assist and safely intervene where necessary.
  • Know how to refer peers to further services that they might need.
  • Be awarded a certificate for the completion of the START Suicide Awareness online training course.


For more on this story contact:

Starting Tuesday 10th October 2023 from 6-8pm for five consecutive weeks.

If you have any questions or would like to sign up, please email lecheile@ucc.ie for further information.

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