Welcome to the CATCH project at UCC

Communication and Action through Tree-planting for Climate-Health

CATCH stands for Communication and Action through Tree-planting for Climate-Health and is a project being run within the School of Public Health and the Environmental Research Institute at University College Cork.

The project aims to communicate climate change and its impact on human health and wellbeing. It is important to consider climate actions that have co-benefits for the environment, health and society. Through an online event, local community tree-planting and the production of a short animation film, the CATCH project aims to communicate these aspects.

A large focus of the project is on local climate action and particularly the benefits of green spaces and trees. High quality green spaces can offer a 'triple win': providing benefits to the environment, to human health, and to society (European Environment Agency, 2020). Through the CATCH project, twenty participants from the local community will have an opportunity to plant their own native Irish tree. 

The infographic below details more about the project.


Dr Christie Godsmark co-ordinates the CATCH project. Christie is a Lecturer in the School of Public Health and affiliated with the Environmental Research Institue at University College Cork. Christie is passionate about environmental health and advocates for climate action that benefits the environment, human health and society. To find out more about Christie's work, please click here.    


CATCH received funding from the Irish Research Council New Foundations.

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The CATCH Project

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