Dr. Garrett Casey

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Lab Manager

Dr. Garrett Casey BSc., PhD has a microbiology degree and a PhD in the area of molecular microbiology from UCC. Following post-doctoral work in the area of probiotic development, under the supervision of Prof. Gerald Fitzgerald, Garrett moved to the Cork Cancer Research Centre in 2006. Garrett worked as a post-doctoral researcher as part of the Cancer Immunology/Gene Delivery team within the CCRC under the supervision of Prof. Gerald O‚ÄôSullivan and Prof. Mark Tangney. During the course of his work he was involved in the development and optimisation of immune regulatory and co-stimulatory molecules as genetic tools in the treatment of various cancer types. His work also entailed examining the use of ultrasound devices as a means of delivering genes to cancer cells.

In 2013 Garrett took on the role of Laboratory Manager within Cancer Research @UCC. This allowed him to utilise his research knowledge to help the current researchers within  CR@UCC to fulfil and maximize their research goals. He is responsible for looking after researchers' needs with regard to health & safety issues, equipment and general laboratory maintenance.

Outside the lab, Garrett enjoys running, cycling, kayaking or any range of adventure sports and is always on the lookout for the next challenge and marathon/adventure race location.

Cancer Research @UCC

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