Dr. Ashleigh Byrne

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Research & Innovation Coordinator

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Research Development

Following over 7 years as a researcher in the area of biochemistry and cell signalling, Dr. Ashleigh Byrne took up the role of RMA (Research Manager/Administrator) in the College of Medicine and Health (CoMH). She provides expertise and support to researchers in areas such as identifying a grant that is appropriate for their interests and career stage, identifying future grants and building up the required track record, proposal development, proposal review, finding collaborators and building a consortium.

Ashleigh works closely with the CoMH Vice Dean for Research and Innovation, Dr Michael Clarkson, to support clinicians and other healthcare staff affiliated with UCC who wish to be research active. She also supports the CoMH Research Committee and the CoMH Graduate Studies Committee to help advance research within the CoMH, and promote academic-clinical collaborations. 

Ashleigh is a member of the UCC Horizon Europe Task Force, the IUA (Irish Universities Association) Research Officers Group, of EARMA (the European Association of Research Managers and Administrators) and of the BESTPRAC Cost Action Network.  

Cancer Research @UCC

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