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Launch of Digital Badge in Autism Awareness for Staff

11 Nov 2021

We were delighted to launch the Digital Badge in Autism Awareness for University Staff as part of ViT&L Week in November 2021 (and would like to thank CIRTL and the National Forum for their support).

Also huge congratulations to the 29 UCC staff that received their digital badge as part of our first cohort!

You can find out more about this Digital Badge here.

At the online launch event, Kirsten Hurley (badge facilitator and former AFUI project coordinator) gave a short overview of the development of the badge itself and how it has been designed to encourage reflection on the importance of considering ‘autism friendliness’ in all of our roles within UCC, as well as offer practical guidance on how to do this.

This quick overview was followed by a series of short talks by autistic (current or former) UCC students who gave their perspectives on the concept of an ‘autism-friendly’ university education and the university experience.

First Laura Murray spoke about the need to recognise the different experiences of autistic students, followed by Lisa Dalton discussing the importance of ‘autism-friendly’ group work (and how that can be facilitated). Rhona J. Flynn examined the framing of disability access and accommodations in the context of human rights, and Maeve Richardson highlighted the importance of autistic students getting involved in student life.

Recordings and/or transcripts of all of these talks are available here.

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