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Aquatic Services Unit

Welcome to the Aquatics Services Unit

The Aquatic Services Unit (ASU) is a constituent unit within the Environmental Research Institute of University College Cork. ASU undertakes environmental consultancy and research. Originally set up as part of the department of Zoology Ecology and Plant Science (ZEPS), with which it maintains strong links, it is now in its 20th year of operation.

We have a proven track record in laboratory analysis, environmental monitoring and environmental impact assessment. The unit engages in collaborative research within UCC and with institutes in Ireland and abroad.

We specialise in projects dealing with the aquatic environment, in marine and transition waters, and its investigations also extend to the terrestrial sphere.

Water quality impact studies and analysis in freshwater and marine waters are the core specialisations of the ASU.

The unit has developed a well-resourced, experienced and flexible field sampling capability, enabling prompt deployment anywhere in Ireland to collect water, sediment, soil, biological and other environmental samples.

Our analytical laboratory operates under a system of Good Laboratory Practice and has participated in an international Laboratory Proficiency Scheme (Aquacheck) since 1995. The unit has also developed close working links with a number of Irish and overseas approved laboratories for specialist analyses.

Aquatic Services Unit

Environmental Research Institute (UCC), Ellen Hutchins Building, Lee Road, Cork, Ireland T23 XE10