Marine & Estuarine Service

Marine & Estuarine Service

ASU offers a wide range of services, which are continuously updated in line with client demands and changing environmental legislative requirements. Our expertise lies in the areas of Environmental Impact Assessments, Baseline Surveys and Monitoring Programmes of sub-tidal and intertidal benthic communities. Contract work is also undertaken routinely in other areas, such as the impacts of harbour dredging and dredge spoil disposal at sea.

  • Environmental Impact Assessments:
    • Marina and Pier developments
    • Harbour and Port developments
    • Dredging activities
    • WWTP's
    • Infrastructural developments
  • Intertidal and Subtidal Biological Surveys
    • Baseline Surveys
    • Monitoring Surveys
    • Habitat Mapping
    • Species Identification 


  • Dive Surveys
    • Biological surveys
    • Video surveys
    • Sample collection


  • Sample Collection
    • Intertidal soft- and hard-benthos samples (biological, physico-chemical and microbial analysis)
    • Subtidal soft- and hard-benthos samples (biological, physico-chemical and microbial analysis)
    • Water samples (chemical and microbial analysis)


  • Physico-chemical Analysis
    • Particle Size Analysis (Grainsize)
    • Organic Matter (by means of Loss on Ignition)
    • Salinity
    • Chlorophyll determination in sediments and water
    • Pore-water nutrient analysis


  • Mapping Exercises
    • Aerial surveys (by means of digital video)
    • Ground-truthing


  • Desk studies and literature reviews


  • Advice and consultancy on:
    • discharge limits for IPC licence holders
    • infrastructure projects and dredging programmes in harbours and ports
    • dumping and dredge spoil disposal at sea
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