Clare O'Sullivan

Clare O'Sullivan

Clare O'Sullivan (MPhil Candidate)

Conservation of prehistoric rock art in south-west Ireland

Supervisor: Prof. William O'Brien
Prehistoric Transitions Research Group


Clare O'Sullivan


The aim of this study is to assess the condition and preservation of prehistoric rock art in the Cork/Kerry region. This requires an understanding of how and where rock art is found, and current provision for its recording and legal protection. The impact of various natural and human agencies on the physical survival of rock art will be assessed, with reference to examples identified in fieldwork. Practical solutions to these problems will be discussed, drawing on best practice in rock art conservation from other parts of the world. The study will include an environmental case-study to examine the conservation of an individual rock panel, and to assess the contribution of that new methods of photogrammetry can make to the recording and monitoring of these surfaces. The protection of rock art ultimately depends on awareness leading to an understanding and appreciation of this cultural heritage among landowners, forestry and other developers, and the general public. The project will undertake a number of educational initiatives designed to raise awareness of rock art in the landscape, and will explore various options in relation to public/touristic presentation.
The results should contribute to the development of a broad conservation strategy for rock art in Ireland, elements of which might be adopted by central and local government agencies.

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