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The Free University - Lifelong Learning Festival

4 Apr 2014

ACE hosted the Free University lecture series as part of UCC’s contribution to the Cork Lifelong Learning Festival 2014. The week-long series was held on campus in W9 and attracted excellent attendance from the general public and UCC staff members — all lectures were given pro bono by UCC staff.

Lectures included:

  • Marie Delaney, Adult Continuing Education, UCC.  How can we help our children to manage stress and anxiety in learning and exams? Illustrated lecture.
  • Angela Liddy, Adult Continuing Education, UCC.  Dignity at Work, Bullying and Harassment Awareness.
  • Dr Denis Staunton, Adult Continuing Education, UCC. Learning to Learn: take a new direction in your life. Illustrated lecture.
  • Kirsten Hurley, Adult Continuing Education, with ACE past student Fiona O'Leary. 'I knew I was different' - An exploration of the experiences of women on the autistic spectrum. Illustrated lecture.
  • Dr Stuart Neilson, Adult Continuing Education, UCC. Autistic Autobiographies and Expression. Illustrated lecture.
  • Dr Edmond Byrne, School of Engineering, UCC and Dr Ger Mullally, Department of Sociology, UCC. Contested Conceptions of Sustainability and Progress: Building Adaptability, Resilience and Creativity into Complex Social Systems. Illustrated lecture.
  • Michael Murphy, Department of Management and Marketing, UCC. India's 'Economic Miracle' - who does it serve? Illustrated lecture.
  • Anthony Angelini, Adult Continuing Education, UCC. From Slavery to Presidency: America's Battle with Racism. Illustrated lecture.
  • Stephen Bean, Audio Visual Media Service and Adult Continuing Education, UCC. From Bokeh to Motion Blur: an introduction to key techniques in photography and film production. Illustrated lecture.
  • Kieran Hurley, Station Manager at UCC98.3FM. How to Make a Radio Documentary. Illustrated lecture.
  • Regina Sexton, Food/Culinary Historian, Adult Continuing Education, UCC. Ireland's Hidden Culinary Heritage: the history of the recipe in the Irish county house. Illustrated lecture.
  • James Cronin, School of History and Adult Continuing Education, UCC. The Place of the Honan Chapel in Ireland's Revolutionary Decade (1914-1924). Illustrated lecture.
  • Dr Clodagh Harris, Department of Government, UCC. Empowering Citizens: Innovating democracy. Illustrated lecture.
  • Dr William Denayer, Adult Continuing Education, UCC. Is There a Solution to the Economic Crisis? Maurice Allais: A forgotten Nobel prize laureate's thoughts on the current economic crisis. Illustrated lecture.

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