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Mindfulness Based Practice and Research - PG Dip

Course Fact File
DurationTwo years, exit award of PG Cert at the end of year one
Teaching ModePart-Time
QualificationsPG Dip
NFQ LevelLevel 9
NFQ Award TitleMinor
Fees€1,600 Year 1: €3,300 Year 2 See Fees and Costs for full details.
Closing Date20 August 2024
Next IntakeNovember 2024

Delivered Fully Online

Start DateNovember 2024

Course Outline

This Post Graduate Diploma in Mindfulness Based Practice and Research is run fully online over two years. Year one accompanies the student to develop a committed mindfulness practice within their own lives while year two offers the student the opportunity to research Mindfulness at a deeper level. The programme includes an eight week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course which incorporates elements of Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy. It examines both the eastern philosophy and the western psychology of mindfulness and supports the students by enhancing their reflective skills through enquiry and heightened awareness. The programmes explores the use of mindfulness in settings such as healthcare, education, social care, the workplace, family and relationships. Students who complete year one of the programme may exit the programme and graduate with a PG Certificate in Mindfulness Based Practice while those who complete year two will graduate with a PG Diploma in Mindfulness Based Practice and Research. Please see below a short introductory video about the course. 


Course Queries

For Academic Queries and Course Content Queries please contact the Programme Coordinators

Pat O Leary at,  087 3298052

Pascale De Coninck on 087 2248607

For Online Application Support please click here. 

If you require further assistance with your online application please contact the Programme Administrator Noreen Delea at 

Course Practicalities

In year one, the Post Graduate Certificate in Mindfulness Based Practice, the student completes a total of 30 credits. The programme also require a committed personal practice of formal and informal mindfulness outside of lecture times.

Year 1 Modules

  • AP6807: Mindfulness and Reflective Practice (5 credits)
  • AP6808: Enquiry into Mindfulness Practice (15 credits)
  • AP6817: Mindfulness Practice (10 credits)

In year two, the Post Graduate Diploma in Mindfulness based Practice and Research the student completes a total of thirty credits.

Year 2 Modules

  • AP6809: Research Methodologies (5 credits)
  • AP6810: Research Project (25 credits)


The Post Graduate Diploma in Mindfulness based Practice and Research will use academic style assignments along with reflective assignments which allow the student to engage with both research and personal practice and encourages the student to draw on research to inform their practice. There is also an online presentation which the student gives of their learning in the programme. The PG Diploma requires a minor research project to be completed and allows for a deeper engagement with research and theory.

Who Teaches this Course

Staff of ACE and of the School of Psychology UCC

Online  - Thursday evenings.

Why Choose This Course

There are many programmes throughout the country that offer an eight week course in mindfulness however this is the first programme of its kind in Ireland that offers the student a sustained support over one year in learning and embedding their mindfulness practice into daily life. Through the programme the student learns how mindfulness can be brought into healthcare, education, social care, the workplace, family and relationships. Research in these settings demonstrates that training in mindfulness can lead to a significant reduction of stress levels, an increase in levels of emotional intelligence, increased levels of interpersonal effectiveness, lower rates of health related absenteeism, increased self awareness, better communication skills, increased concentration and attention span, a greater capacity to hold information, lower levels of psychological distress and anxiety along with higher levels of well-being, resilience and overall life and work satisfaction.

This programme critically examines the empirical research undertaken in these areas and evaluates the implications of this for contemporary society. It provides the student the opportunity to establish a committed mindfulness practice and to deepen their understanding of Mindfulness Based Interventions.

Graduates from this course can integrate their new skills and knowledge into their place of work and into their own personal lives.


  • Applicants should hold a level eight honours degree or an equivalent qualification or professional qualification within a relevant field such as health care, education, social care, family care or workplace development


  • Have at least five years of relevant experience within the workplace, healthcare, social care, family care or education, for those who have a degree outside  of these areas.
  • An interview forms an important element in assessing a candidates suitability for the programme, final decision on the inclusion of a candidate onto the programme will be determined by this process

Fees and Costs

€1,600 Year 1: €3,300 Year 2

For further information on fees and financial supports please click here

How To Apply

Applicants need to be aware of the IT student checklist below before applying:

  • You will need access to a laptop or desktop computer running a modern supported operating system with all software updates.
  • Some of UCC’s services (e.g. the Canvas Virtual Learning Environment) link to an external site and also have mobile apps for iOS and Android Devices that you may wish to use as part of your studies.  However, we recommend using your desktop web browser for submission of assessments.
  • You should always use the most current version of your preferred browser. In general, we recommend the Chrome Web browser (Important Note: Internet Explorer will not work with Canvas).
  • We recommend a reliable broadband connection with at least 2Mbps or more.
  • You will require an Office suite of software (Microsoft Office or equivalent) and a PDF reader. You should always use the latest version of this software.  All UCC students will have access to Office 365 which includes software such as Word/Excel/Powerpoint etc. once registered.

To Apply for this course please follow the steps below:

When you log into the Application Portal:

Click Apply Online

Select Start a new Adult & Continuing Education Application 

On the 2nd tab Academic Level 
Select the following options:
Academic Level: Adult Continuing Education (ACE at UCC)
Course Type:  ACE Part-time Courses
Academic Programme: The course title you are applying for.

During your online application you will be required to upload the following documents:

  • Application Statement
  • Birth Cert or Passport
  • Passport Photograph 
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • English Language Test Report [if applicable]
  • Transcripts [if applicable]
  • 50% of the fees are required to complete your application. 



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Year 1 Modules

Year 2 Modules

Year 3 Modules

Year 4 Modules

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