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The Certificate in Arts (History) consists of lectures and tutorial support on aspects of the early European history, modern American history, and Irish history in particular. It aims to help students develop the practical (and highly transferable) skills of retrieving information, analysing evidence and communicating your findings, both orally and in writing.  No prior experience of having studied history is necessary.

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Additional Teaching Mode Information

This course takes place on Wednesday evening from September to December and January to April.

Course Practicalities


(i) East & West: The Origins of European Identity                                                                                                                      

(ii) The Making of the Modern Irish State                                                                                                                                    

(iii) US History since 1865

(iv) Case Study in Research Skills - involving intensice tuition in historical sources and methods.

Who teaches this course?

  • Dr Emer Purcell (East & West: The Origins of European Identity)
  • Dr John Borgonovo (The Making of the Modern Irish State)
  • Mr Maurice Cronin (Racism, Anti-Semitism and the Struggle for Tolerance)
  • Dr Finola Doyle-O’Neill (Irish Media History: A Case Study in Research Skills)

Why Choose This Course

Learning about history has never been more important. Students on our Certificate course will acquire the knowledge and skills that will enable them to understand our turbulent times, as well as to pursue their own interests in local, national and international history.

Holders of the Certificate in Arts who subsequently apply for and are offered a place on the BA degree will automatically receive exemptions in the relevant subject(s) providing that entry to the BA is undertaken within 5 years from the completion of the Certificate programme.


This course is open to adult learners who have an interest in the early European history in general and Ireland in particular.  Minimum entry age: 18.

Fees and Costs


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  • HI1002: Modern Ireland: Culture, Politics and Society (5 credits)
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  • HI1003: East and West: The Origins of European Identity (5 credits)
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  • HI2105: Case Studies in Research Skills (5 credits)
    Lecturers are assigned a small group (if possible, no more than 15 per group) for intensive tuition in historical sources and methods. The core of this module will be an historiographical and methodological study of a major historical work, and/or of the work of a major historian, and/or a set of sources.

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