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Our Clients

Our Clients in UCC

In supporting our clients in UCC, UCC Project Centre has played a key role in major strategic projects across the university. 

 Among our clients are:

  • School of Medicine
  • UCC Library
  • EU Project Leads


College Manager

Project: Marketing & Communications Services

'This project was very successful. The Project Co-ordinator and the Marketing Executive were required to deliver immediate outputs to tight timelines and with minimal induction. Both staff got up to speed very quickly and it was clear that they were experts in their areas. The service provided was seamless.

The raising of the profile of the College externally and the profile of the Head of College was particularly notable. The need to demonstrate the importance of the work of the college and its researchers to a wider audience is essential. This would not have happened without the expert input of the UCC Project Centre's Marketing Executive.

The project also facilitated the development of the College strategy and its innovative crowd sourcing approach. The support given for this work was excellent. There was a real understanding of the dynamic required to align the external provider with the internal needs of the College. There was a willingness to overcome repeated obstacles and to follow through on actions in a structured way. This project was needed by the College to cover the departure of a key member of the College team. The project did this seamlessly and exceeded expectations'.


Head of College  

'The project was an excellent example of UCC Academy collaboration. Support provided by the Academy enabled the project to be completed on schedule, with the vast majority of deliverables complete. Senior PM Jennifer Casey was vital to the project’s success – professional, lead working with an exceptional diligence and care – this kept a complex project on track throughout. Communication was a key element of the project’s successful conclusion. Thank you!'.

External Clients

UCC Project Centre also collaborates with external clients in organising major events that connect UCC to the broader community of Cork City and beyond. The major annual event Cork Discovers, Cork's contribution to European Researcher's Night, is organised by UCC Project Centre as part of UCC Academy and UCC, and in collaboration with Cork City Council, Teagasc and Cork Learning City. The Cork Discovers website is here.

UCC Academy

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