Term Time Schedule

The Radio performs 24 hours a day, all day, every day of the week. That's right, 24/7 UCC98.3FM (your favourite radio station) is live, and the only student radio in Ireland to do so. Our live shows take place from 9am to 4pm on weekdays, if you have a favourite show you would like to know the hours for you can check our time table here. 



                   Monday      Tueseday     Wednesday   Thursday     Friday  
9am- Siun     Juice Box     Netflixs & Chats   Bop Hour     Big Bites  
10am- Gaisce     Brain Busters   Breakfast Bits   Cormac     Fas Suas  
11am- Shush     Amateur Hour   An Chuallacht UCC   Diarmuid Lynch   Re-Beck  
12pm- Green Door   No Bad Vibes   Me and Aaron McGee Tuning in with Siun   How Many Leagues?
1pm-       Ali + Robin   Ranting & Raving   O' Neill, Robert   Zap!  
2pm- Musium     Radio na Poblachta         Holland Meuller   Vinyl & Vibes
3pm- Ben     Nathan O     Gimes Time   Law Soc     R-Hour  
4pm- The Beautiful Game   Global Outlook   Translation Medicine June Paskalina   Rocket From The Disc



We recommend giving every show a listen as our presenters and DJs put their best in for every hour on the radio. If there are any free spaces you think you can fill in then you can apply here on the volunteer section of our website


For any other questions about our schedule please get im touch via our E-Mail or Phone Number:


E-Mail: radio@ucc.ie


Phone Number: +353 (0)21 490 4983


UCC 98.3FM

UCC 98.3FM The Hub Building, University College Cork