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Here at UCC 98.3FM we like to facilitate and record the podcats of members of the college. Students from all walks of lifes, representing their own opinions or their societies, along with anything that comes our way. You want it recorded? We got you. Below are a select few podcasts but if you would like to listen to more you can find us at:

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Fail We May, Survive We Must - A Tribute to Andrew Weatherall - The story of a chance meeting in 2008 between Andrew Weatherall, the world-renowned DJ, producer and remixer, and Gerard Sheehy, a Co. Cork fisherman. How this meeting inspired Weatherall to use the phrase “Fail We May, Sail We Must” as a personal mantra and how the phrase, in turn, has become an inspiration for thousands of others. It details how in 2021, on the first anniversary of Weatherall’s death, Sheehy was identified as the source of the phrase and tells how the two disparate worlds of the music and fishing industries collided. Produced by Paul McDermott for Learn and Sing Productions. Sound supervision by Kieran Hurley.


MSF's Impact in Taliban Controlled Afghanistan - In this episode, brought to you by Andrew Iskander & Jay Balletta, the UCC Friends of MSF Society discuss Médecins Sans Frontières and their life-saving work in Afghanistan both before and after the Taliban takeover in August 2021.


Funny Business - Dating Apps: Tinder; Lighting a Spark, or Going Up in Flames - We are back babyyyy! In Episode 2 of Funny Business co-hosts Top and Power-Bottom chat about the love-hate relationship our generation has with dating apps. We talk red and green flags, what to do to stay safe if you're heading out for some "Funny Business", but most importantly COMMUNICATION!!! 

TW: This episode contains discussions of a sexual and explicit nature, also some verrrrry off-key singing



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