George Boole Short Story Competition Winner

Winner of the George Boole Short Story Competition for UCC 98.3FM.

A Criminal Uncovered by Madeline K. Gomez


Long List of 40 Stories

In no particular order here is the long list  that the winners will be selected from.

The Sandman

Freya Morris  UK
 Bee Sting   Richard Gibney  IRL
 Jackson  Lorne Patterson  IRL
 Beara  Aoife Barry  IRL
 Bus Stop   Ian Manning  IRL
 Kiss   David O'Doherty  IRL

Operation Divine Justice 

 Fiona Smyth IRL 
 The Business of Living   Brian Kirk  IRL

The Coming Storm

Julia Paul  NIR
 Miss Dorothea Fletcher   Janet O'Leary  IRL
 SDZ  Noel King IRL 
 Saving Grace  Lorna Cooper   IRL
 Prayer for Himself Lauren Foley   AUS 
 The Fishtank   Maria Elena Alonso  USA
Samantha’s Boolean Operator   Pat Nolan  IRL
 Rats in the Attic  Debz Hobbs-Wyatt  UK
 Lost Things  Michele Sheldon  UK
A Day to Forget  Jon Stubbington  UK
 Stirring   Margaret Cahill   IRL
 Trial & error   Patrick Doherty   IRL
 Black tea  Celia Law UK 
Slum Lord

Timothy Fountain

 Michael & the Devil  Martin Quinlan  IRL
 A Wave in the Dark Diane Jeffrey  FRA 
 Blanket White  Angus Stewart  UK
Henry’s Brian Keane   IRL
Twelve with a Bowl Cut

C. G. Menon 


The Lonely Shivering Star

 Not broadcast as it won the Wasafiri New Writing Prize

Niamh MacCabe  IRL
Positano Martina Ryan  IRL
Tulip with the Coats
Melissa Schwarz   IRL
Alice  Micheal Sheehan  IRL
 All Dressed Up Jane Downs   FRA
 After the Flood Terry Kerins   IRL
 One Shot  David Butler  IRL
 Dismal Warriors Terry Kerins IRL
 The Affair  John Kennedy  IRL


1. The Mystery of the Missing Finger and the Dead Cat

Fiona O’Connor

2. Pure Lucky

Anne O’Leary

3. Boomerang Baby

Roisín O'Donnell.

Specially Commended: Sweden

Paul Anthony Corbett


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