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Medical Elasticity Imaging

Medical elasticity imaging research

Recent studies have shown that the malignancy of tumours may be inferred from their stiffness or elasticity. Benign tumours in the breast tend to have a stiffness of about 50kPa-60kPa, whilst malignant tissue tends to be stiffer at about 90kPa-120kPa. Various methods of ultrasonic elastography (elasticity imaging) exist, using methods such as speckle tracking, 2-D kernel cross-correlation, and shear wave imaging. Typically, these look at the changes between successive B-mode ultrasound images whilst the tissue is undergoing mechanical compression.

Relevant publications:

  • A. J. Constant and W. M. D. Wright, "Estimation of Tissue Elasticity by Image Processing of Simulated B-mode Ultrasound Images", Proc. Irish Signals and Systems Conference (ISSC 2009), Dublin, Ireland 10th-11th June 2009, in press (2009)

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