Letter of Attendance

Letter of Attendance

Letter of Attendance

What is a Letter of Attendance?

A letter of attendance states your name, programme title and year of current/past registration. It is an official document which contains a unique code which can be used for verification purposes by Third Parties. 

Common purposes for a Letter of Attendance include:

  • Visa Application (Garda National Immigration Bureau/Irish Residency Permit) *
  • Grant Application (SUSI, County Council / BTEA etc)
  • Bank Account Application (Verification of address) **
  • J1 Visa Applications for USIT, Intrax & Sayit in lieu of the stamped form
  • Jury Service Exemption
  • Social Welfare Application

You can now see a sample letter and order this yourself through our Request Attendance Letter form. This will be sent to your umail address within 15 minutes of your order. 

* If you are renewing your IRP, you will need to visit the Student Records & Examinations Office.

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