Staff Ombudsman

Independent Staff Ombudsman

This role was introduced in November 2011 following the approval by Governing Body of an Alternative Dispute Resolution Policy, in order to provide greater access to local resolution to the University community, both directly and through mediation.

  1. We provide a confidential and impartial forum where staff can discuss matters which trouble them.
  2. We can recommend possible courses of action. We work quietly to facilitate solutions and to arrange meetings with those within the University who are tasked with the management of the particular difficulty.
  3. We take no action without the full permission of the person who consults us.

See the Terms of Reference of the Independent Staff Ombudsman for more information.

Contact Us

Should an individual wish to talk to us:

  • We normally work on Wednesdays, by appointment.
  • Our office is in 6 Bloomfield Terrace, Western Road, Room 2, Ground floor (see map).
  • The office phone is not normally attended, so the best way to contact us is by email which we check regularly -
  • We may also be contacted individually:

Tom Cotter/ Mary McNulty/ Ger Fitzgerald
Independent Staff Ombudsman

Staff Ombudsman

Ombudsman Foirne Neamhspleách

Ground floor, 6 Bloomfield Terrace, Western Road, Room 2, UCC.