Who are We?

Who are we

What do we do? and what is our focus?

Our society is dedicated to integrating the community within UCC by incentivising everyone interested in dancing in participating in our activities. Our goal is to construct a broad community that includes staff, students, and Cork communities. We want to distinguish from other societies and clubs dedicated to dancing by allowing activities dedicated to staff members and including dance styles rooted from afro Latin styles. By considering these styles, we hope to bring the interest of everyone, creating a fun and welcoming environment.

The society is non-lucrative and fosters the run of activities without generating income. Nevertheless, subscriptions or participation fees are requested to pay for expenses involved in executing activities. This information is transparent for our members, and all collected funds (from our members or collaborations) will be used for performing additional activities (workshops and end-of-year activities) and donations. We hope you are interested in participating with us, so do not hesitate to contact us!!.

For information related to registering and participating in our activities, visit the FAQs and Registration site. 

Dance Teachers

There is no boundary between dancers as we all have the same language -- body language from the bottom of our hearts

Vanessa Ruan - Bachata Teacher

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She found her passion in African Dance through Latin Dancing Scene

Anya Charushina - Lady Style and Corporality Teacher

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His passion for dancing is rooted from chiledhood

Eduardo Vyhmeister - Salsa Teacher

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They are here to share their knowledge

Nacim and Magda - Kizomba Teachers

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President - Eduardo Vyhmeister

Public Engagement - Buvana Ganesh

Finance - Samira Pourkhajouei 

General Member -Saeid Rezaei 

General Member - Javier Torres

General Member - Hamzeh Asadi

UCC Dance Society