Prices, FAQs and Register information

What costs are involved?

Type of Member price / 4 classes 
UCC  €30
non -UCC €40

These prices are for 4 classes of any of the dance styles thought. If you want to show up for only one class the cost is €10. 

If you have not participated with us before you can try any one of our classes for free.


The link for this is on our Facebook page!!


Which Level should I have of dancing to participate in?

There is no requirement for starting your dance journey. However, as a society, during our first year, we will focus on building up the fundamentals of the Afro-Latin dance, and once we settle these, we will be opening advanced levels. 

How many times a week do you have classes?

Initially, we will be performing one class per week for each of the styles offered. Nevertheless, as the community grows and the interest in the afro Latin styles, we could extend to more classes per week.

Do we need any equipment?

No, nevertheless we recommend always wearing comfortable clothing. Make sure to avoid using heavy boots. Dance shoes can be helpful but is not a requirement. Dance shoes will be subject to the general rules of the venues since they could damage some of the floors.

How many sessions involve each Level?

Our levels will be structured in a choreographic display that will require several weeks to get comfortable with the entire structure, especially on the fundamental levels. This structure will help to follow a continuity in the learning process.  The choreographic structure could take around eight weeks. This structure does not apply to stylings classes (e.g. lady styles)

Do I need any partners to participate?

No, we will make our best effort to have an even number of followers and leaders in the class.

Do I need to be part of UCC?

NO, we are open to the whole Cork community, so no worries....everyone can join!. 

How do I know if classes will be postponed?

Please, make sure to check the NEWS section that will keep updating if for major reasons a class or event will be cancelled.

The faster channel used for communication is facebook. So look for us using " @danceucc " in the facebook search engine.





Register information

Registration is done for those interested in participating with us!!!. We recommend showing your intention (email us now) since participation will be subject to a maximum capacity of the class, with preference to those that are part of UCC society. Please email us at with the information of what class you will be interested in, your full name, and, if you have it, your UCC staff or student number. 

See you on the dance floor!! 

UCC Dance Society