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Health and Safety Office, UCC

EPA - Radiation

National Radiological Protection Board (NRPB)

ENFO (Ireland's public information service on enviornmental matters)


General Articles on Radiation

ENFO Leaflet on Ionising Radiation IonisingRadiation (242kB) 

How Dangerous is Ionising Radiation? HowDangerousisIonisingRadiation (23kB) 

Ionising Radiation and the Atomic Bomb IonisingRadandtheAtomicBomb (21kB) 

Radon - the Silent Natural Menace RadontheSilentMenace (21kB) 

Radiation from Electric Power is not a Significant Cause of Cancer RadiationfromElectricPower (19kB) 

Health Risks from Microwave Radiation MicrowaveRadiation (19kB) 





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