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What is the fraudulent purchase order scam?

UCC has recently been targeted by a series of fraudulent purchase order emails. This is a scam wherein fraudsters attempt to obtain equipment from suppliers by providing them with a forged UCC purchase order.

The scam operates in the following way: A supplier will receive an email requesting a quotation for specific item/s of equipment, often medical or I.T. equipment, and often in large quantities and of high value. Once the quotation has been provided, a purchase order is emailed to the supplier, which bears resemblance to an authentic UCC purchase order. The purchase order typically instructs delivery to an address not affiliated with the UCC. After shipping the item/s of equipment, the supplier never receives payment and is unable to retrieve the shipped products.

How to identify the Fraudulent emails/POs:

  • Incorrect domain names are used to send emails and purchase orders. A valid UCC email address will always end in or an example of an incorrect domain being used in these fraudulent emails is
  • The shipping address is not a location in UCC. Fraudulent addresses will typically be a domestic residence or a self-storage facility, often based in Dublin, or other locations nowhere near UCC.
  • Poorly written email with grammatical errors are always a sign of a suspicious email.
  • Unusually large quantities are requested.
  • Rush to ship priority/overnight
  • Use of a false or unknown contact from the university. If requests are received from an unknown university contact that raises your suspicion, please contact the UCC Procurement Office by email: or by phone: 353 (0)21 490 3514 to verify the validity of the request. Do not contact the name/number used on the email/purchase order. Please note fraudulent emails may contain seemingly legitimate contact information so it is important to look for other signs.


What you can do:

Confirm legitimacy: If you are unsure about a quotation request sent by email, or the subsequent purchase order, please contact the UCC Procurement Office for confirmation of its legitimacy.

Report suspicious emails: If you have received any suspicious emails please forward them to:

UCC is working with the Garda Cybercrime unit in relation to these attacks and further evidence of fraudulent emails will aid the investigation.

Purchase Orders: Suppliers please note that the Purchase Order is subject to our terms and conditions available at the below link:

UCC Standard Terms and Conditions 


All tenders and invitations for Expressions of Interest at UCC are conducted using the Irish Governments E-tenders portal in accordance with legal requirements and guidelines. There are a number of procedures available on the e-tenders website depending on the supply of service, open and restricted. UCC do not issue tender documentation directly to suppliers. 

On the e-tenders website select the contract you are interested in and "Record your Interest" when prompted.  All contract details, including tender documentation, will then be available for downloading from the e-tenders site.    Suppliers must be registered with the e-tenders site before any documentation can be issued to them.  Registration is free of charge.

E-tenders can also be contacted on (01) 617 7944 or

Procurement & Contracts Map (1,882kB)

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Number: 34

Grid: F6

Production of "the Great Book of Ireland" Documentary Film.

University College Cork (UCC) is seeking proposals for the design and delivery of a documentary film about "The Great Book of Ireland" - a single vellum manuscript comprising the original work of 121 artists, 143 poets and 9 composers. 

Created between 1989 and 1991, The Great Book was acquired by UCC in 2012 to be preserved in posterity on behalf of the Irish people.

Proposals are sought from experienced companies skilled in the delivery of high-end audio visual productions.  It is envisaged the film will feature interviews with major contributors of the book, and the film will bring to life the highly visual nature of the book and it's presence at UCC.  It is also envisaged that the film will provide perspectives on the place of the book in the Insular manuscript tradition, Irish culture, and the role of UCC as custodians of the book and promoter of cultural heritage.  The film is to be targeted primarily at an Irish audience, but also an American/Canadian audience and wider Celtic audience.

UCC intends to hold an event by open invitation to prospective production companies, at which the book will be presented and a Q&A session held, in order to assist further with proposals.  This session will be held in University College Cork on Monday 16th October from 2:00pm to 4:00pm.

In order to arrange an appropriate space, we need to know how many people will be in attendance at this Q&A session.  We would be grateful if you could send an email to to confirm your interest in same.


 Invitation for Submission re Great Book of Ireland Documentary

Please download document here: Invitation for Submission re GBOI Document

Video Link: Great Book of Ireland Video Link

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