Information for Suppliers

Purchase Orders: Suppliers please note that the Purchase Order is subject to our terms and conditions available at the below link:

UCC Standard Terms and Conditions (40kB) 


All tenders and invitations for Expressions of Interest at UCC are conducted using the Irish Governments E-tenders portal in accordance with legal requirements and guidelines. There are a number of procedures available on the e-tenders website depending on the supply of service, open and restricted. UCC do not issue tender documentation directly to suppliers. 

On the e-tenders website select the contract you are interested in and "Record your Interest" when prompted.  All contract details, including tender documentation, will then be available for downloading from the e-tenders site.    Suppliers must be registered with the e-tenders site before any documentation can be issued to them.  Registration is free of charge.

E-tenders can also be contacted on (01) 617 7944 or

Procurement & Contracts Map (1,882kB) (1,882kB)

Location of Office

Number: 34

Grid: F6

Please note it has come to our attention that a phishing email has been sent to a wide range of suppliers suggesting that the University wishes to place an order.

We would ask suppliers to be vigilant and to check if the email is genuine by contacting our office directly.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Suppliers Please Note:

We would never request for deliveries to be shipped to addresses outside of UCC campus.  

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