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PF6001 Biostatistics/Critical Appraisal

Course Fact File
Duration4 weeks
Teaching ModePart-Time. See Additional Teaching Mode Information for more info.
Fees€705 See Fees and Costs for full details.
Closing DateClosed
Non-EU Closing DateN/A


Start DateClosed


On successful completion of this module, students should be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the different kinds of possible research types in biomedical research.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the different trial designs and the statistical methods involved in evaluating study findings and apply these to specific examples.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the different secondary research types and apply these appropriately to given situations.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the evidence-based medicine and its application to improving professional practice.
  • Read and critically appraise a research paper. 

Module Objective: To develop a higher understanding of the importance of clinical research in the evaluation and ongoing monitoring of drug use. It will provide a comprehensive overview of biostatistics. The student will learn the elements required to design and conduct clinical trials and how to interpret the results of clinical research.

Module Content: Different types of clinical studies, statistical methods used to evaluate study findings, the different secondary research types and when each should be used, problems encountered with secondary research and how these can be minimised, the basis of evidence-based medicine and how it can be used to improve professional practice, how to read a research paper and critically appraise it.


Additional Teaching Mode Information

1 x 2hr(s) Seminars (Teleconference/Webinars); Placements (15 hrs Clinical Placement); Directed Study (85 hrs).

Part-time, Semester 1  


Assessment: Total Marks 100: Continuous Assessment 100 marks (Case exercises and assignment. Oral if required).

Compulsory Elements: Continuous Assessment.  No Formal Written Examination.

Technical Entry Requirements (Online): 
To access and interact with the course content, assignments and assessments etc. students will require access to at least a PC/ Laptop running Windows 7 or later and Mac OSX 10.7.4. Common plug-ins such as Microsoft Silverlight, Java and Flash will also be required. Students must have access to MS Office or an equivalent suite of applications such as Libre Office. They must also have access to a modern standards compliant web browser. UCC recommends either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. 

To engage productively and successfully with the content, basic technical computer skills such as familiarity with word processing, web browsing and email - recommended.


Applicants must be registered with the relevant professional accreditation authority and must provide proof of this registration (via professional registration number which can be verified) and a birth certificate or valid passport in order to register.  

  • Candidates must hold a primary pharmacy degree from a School of Pharmacy that is approved by the Programme Committee;
  • They must be registered with the professional accreditation authority in the country in which they are practising;
  • Ideally candidates should have practical experience in their area of qualifications of at least two years post-registration;
  • All candidates will be required to have full access to computer and internet facilities and to be computer literate;
  •  Candidates must be employed in a healthcare setting;
  • In some exceptional circumstances candidates, by virtue of their training and experience may, at the discretion of the Programme Director and the Head of School, be deemed suitable for entry to the degree.

Fees and Costs

The fee for this module is €705. There is also a €35 application fee. 

How To Apply

 Closed for applications.



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