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Advancing Practice for Patient Safety


Fact File


On successful completion of this module, students should be able to:

  • Examine the relevance of clinical risk to patient safety.
  • Describe the management of clinical risk in healthcare.
  • Appraise the importance of teamwork in relation to patient safety and managing clinical risk.
  • Summarise the principles of improvement and how improvement in patient safety can be measured.
  • Explain the importance of communication with patients, relatives/carers particularly with regard to open disclosure and adverse events.

Module Objective: To explore and critically examine with students issues relating to patient safety.

Module Content: Content is aligned to the World Health Organisation multi-professional patient safety curriculum guide. It will cover areas such as how to assess patient safety, understanding the importance of teamwork, managing clinical risk and employing quality-improvement methods to enhance care.

Additional Teaching Mode Information

Duration: 200hr(s) Other (Online Learning; Discussion Board Preparation and Participation, Required Reading, Assignment Preparation and Submission, Self-Directed Learning).

Assessment: Total Marks 200: Continuous Assessment 200 marks (Practice Discussion - 60 marks; Case Study Discussion - 60 marks; Presentation ? 60 marks; online activities- 20 marks).

Compulsory Elements: Continuous Assessment.


Applicants must be qualified Nurses registered with the regulatory body in their country of residence. Applicants must have a primary degree, Level 8 or equivalent.

Applicants who are under 23 years of age must satisfy the minimum entry requirements as for the Degrees in Nursing or Midwifery, as set out here

Admission to the module(s) will be subject to internal university approval processes on the recommendation of the Head of School.

Applicants for Nursing and Midwifery CPD modules who do not hold an up-to-date IELTS certificate showing the requisite Academic Board approved CM&H scores must demonstrate evidence of appropriate work experience within an English language environment for at least the previous 2 years.

These modules will not necessarily run unless minimum recruitment targets of 10 students are achieved.



Fees and Costs

€900 plus €35 application fee.

How Do I Apply

To apply for this module please download and complete the application form below and submit with the relevant documents to:

CPD Coordinator,

Graduate Studies Office, West Wing, Main Quad, University College Cork

OR via email at cpdgraduatestudies@ucc.ie


Application Form:

CPD App Form School of Nursing and Midwifery

Forward this form along with the:

  • Application fee,
  • A passport sized photograph and
  • Any other documentation requested on the form.