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NU6174 Transitioning into the Role of the Clinical Nurse/Midwife Manager

Course Fact File
DurationJanuary to February 2024
Teaching ModePart-Time. See Additional Teaching Mode Information for more info.
Fees€900 See Fees and Costs for full details.
Closing DateApplications are now closed for this module
Start DateSemester II - January 2024


Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this module, students should be able to:

Understand the role and responsibilities of the nurse/midwife manager and explain the leadership and management responsibilities of the nurse/midwife manager.

Critically explore and describe the unique contribution of clinical nurse/midwife manager to the health care system and to patient care.

Critically appraise the leadership and management skills necessary to ensure the effective coordination and management of resources and the optimum functioning of a clinical area.

Critically review the process of quality, planning and control and outline the role of the nurse/midwife manager in promoting a continuous improvement culture.

Explore the role of nurse/midwife manager in building and leading a team.

Critically reflect on the role of the nurse/midwife manager as an authentic nurse leader.

Demonstrate the practical application of underpinning theoretical content through responses to case studies.

Module Content

Unit 1: Role of nurse/midwife manager; creating the leader within oneself; transitioning into the role; coaching, core concepts of clinical leadership, self-care, nursing/midwifery management and leadership in action with case studies; reflective learning, multi/interdisciplinary healthcare teams.

Unit 2: Role of nurse/midwife manager in the effective coordination and management of resources in their area; healthcare financing systems; allocation of resources; human resource management; safe staffing systems; rostering; delegation.

Unit 3: Role of nurse/midwife manager in building and leading a team; setting and monitoring performance standards; promoting a learning culture; continuing competence assurance; staff development; researchled practice, evidence based practice and practice development.

Unit 4: Role of nurse/midwife manager in facilitating communication, building and maintaining relationships; negotiation skills; communication and influencing skills; enabling critical conversations, building resilience, person centred care focus.

Unit 5: Role of nurse/midwife manager in quality, planning and control and promoting a continuous improvement culture; standards and quality assurance; regulation and unit based requirements; quality improvement; risk management; audit; incident management; protected disclosure.

Unit 6: The nurse/midwife manager as an authentic nurse leader; self-awareness; culture; values; care, commitment, compassion, diversity, respect, integrity, accountability; and ethical stance.


Additional Teaching Mode Information

NU6174 Transitioning into the Role of the Clinical Nurse/Midwife Manager.

Module Co-Ordinator: Prof Josephine Hegarty, School of Nursing & Midwifery.

Lecturer(s): Staff, School of Nursing & Midwifery, and South/South West Hospital Group.

Teaching Methods: 20hr(s) Other (Blended Learning Lectures/Workshop (face to face)); 180hr(s) Other (on-line learning; discussion board preparation and participation, required reading, assignment preparation and submission, self-directed learning, directed experiential learning within ward context working with assigned mentor).

Please contact the Course Co-Ordinator on the top right hand side of this page should you have any specific questions on this module. 

Orientation – asynchronous orientation prior to commencing the module.  



Total Marks 200: Continuous Assessment 200 marks (Portfolio of reflective learning: 100 marks; E-tivities:100 marks).

Assessment: Compulsory Elements: Continuous Assessment.

Why Choose

Module Objective: To support nurses and midwives as they transition into ward/department/area management and leadership roles and assist them to apply critical theoretical and practical insights to support them in their management and leadership of the clinical area.


Applicants for NU6174 must be registered practicing Nurses and Midwives 

Fees and Costs

The fee for this module is €900.00. There is also a €35 application fee. 

How To Apply

Applications are now closed for this module.


  • To apply for this module please log on to the UCC APPLY page and create an account.  
  • Gather any additional documents required (including a passport-style photo), copy of your degree parchment if not a previous UCC graduate.
  • An application fee of €35 will be payable on submission of your application via the same platform.

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