National Health Services Research Institute

The National Health Services Research Institute (NHSRI), brings together a critical mass of researchers in Health Services Research related disciplines, including epidemiology, health informatics, biostatistics, health economics, management, social sciences and clinical disciplines. We are co-located with the School of Public Health at UCC in the Western Gateway Building. This dedicated space has allowed the NHSRI to flourish.


The NHSRI is being developed in UCC but it is a national body, so it will not prioritise UCC over other third level organisations and institutions. The Institute itself is supported by a national collaboration of universities, State agencies and private sector enterprises.


Although we are a relatively new entity, we aim to provide support functions such as knowledge exchange and partnership development, but also to provide an agency function for the research community in certain shared areas of interest such as research funding, governance of health research and research prioritisation.


We hope you find the information you are looking for. Please contact us if you have any queries you wish to dicuss.


Best Wishes,

Professor John Browne, Director of the National Health Services Research Institute (NHSRI)

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